Retina iPad iOS Icon Automator Application

Until the Retina iPad came out, I used a very useful Automator script/application to create all the Icons I could possibly need to bundle up into a new app. My very talented college at Ocasta Studios, Ben Collier, made it and it has been very useful!

As anyone who has released an app since the Retina iPad, iTunes Connect now requires a 1024×1024 image for store icons. This used to be 512×512.

So for simplicity this Automator Application I cooked up creates all you need and simply requires that large file. Simply provide either of these files and you’ll get dumped on the Desktop:

  • Icon.png and Icon@2x.png
  • Icon-72.png and Icon-72@x.png
  • Icon-Small.png and Icon-Small@2x.png
  • Icon-Small-50.png and Icon-Small-50@2x.png

This should satisfy most formats until Apple come out with a device with a differently scaled Springboard!

Name it bitch!

As a finishing touch, the Application will ask you for a prefix for your Icons, the default being, go figure, “Icon”. This particularly suits me as I created this for an Xcode project with multiple targets, so just changing the p-list is all you have to do.

Here it is, enjoy: Icons++